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    WINNERS!! SC in Real Life Contest..

    Hello SC community members!

    Sorry for the lateness of announcing your winners! I went on a trip and then was in recovery mode for a while. But I have the winners for you now! It was tough for all of us to choose. So many great entries! And so many of you entered more than one entry that we loved.

    Our votes turned out to be a tie for the #10 through the #6 winners. So they are in no particular order. And they also ended up in a tie for a few of the top 5 winners, (the gem winners), so we are adding one extra gem winner to the top 5 while still keeping 5 t-shirt and sticker winners.

    Without further ado....your winners:

    Winners #10 - #6 --- T-shirt and stickers only:
    (in NO particular order as they were all tied)

    HaRiGamerBoy-Skelly Spell:

    daturtle495-Cornflower Bed:

    Fette-Clan Castle:

    yousefied-Clock Tower:

    Gecko74-Baby Dragon:

    And now for your gem winners... Winning 2000 gems, (or the equivalent in Hay Day), plus a T-shirt and some stickers:


    Hatchlhoff-Inferno Tower:

    tjena-Wishing Well:

    FreeName-Archer Tower:


    And the community member that got the most votes and will receive 2500 gems plus a T-shirt and stickers is...

    xdeath-Boom Beach Grenadier:

    Congratulations all of you!
    I need each of you to SEND ME A PM and give me your delivery addresses, and your T-shirt sizes. (DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESSES IN THIS THREAD OR ANYWHERE PUBLIC!) Remember to ask for a bit larger than normal as their sizes run small. Those of you who won gems....I also need the name of the game and the player ID# of the account you want the gems to go to.

    There were so many entries that we loved and I want all of you who didn't get mentioned to know that just because you didn't win, doesn't mean they weren't loved. There were so many votes for almost all of you! It was a fantastic contest and your creativity and effort was heart warming. The next contest will be starting soon and I hope to see all of you entering! Thanx for the fun! You guys are the best!

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    Nice job!

    10 nice jobs

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    Congratulations to all the winners 😀,
    Looking forward to next contest.
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    Congrats everyone, it was really fun.

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    Congratulations guys, I wish I would participate in the next upcoming contest. But I had no time for this contest.

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    Haha so pleased baby dragon won.

    Gecko74-Baby Dragon:

    I bet gecko had that for ages too hahahah

    This was a fun competition.
    Let's play again.

    - dinner

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    Congrats winners!

    Enjoy your prizes.

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    Great pics guys but why didn't I find one real life clash pic

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    Congrats to the winners

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    Congratulations guys!

    Idk why haven't I removed that hash tag yet

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