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    Great job, everyone... That was a fun contest
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    Holy awesomeness batman! I never win anything!!!! I'm super pumped, I'm gonna put the stickers on the T shirt and wear it to work, don't even care what people may say
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    Congrats everyone
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    Quote Originally Posted by evertonjeff View Post
    Congrats to all the winners!! Great efforts by all to spend your own time outside of the game to enter! Top work all involved and obviously to the always smiling Raindragon for offering everyone the chance to win some supercell loots
    Awwww! These contests make me happy! Don't forget yourself in those special thanx! You're always there to help me with any graphics or pics I need done....even on super short speed notice like this one! Haha. Thanx for all your help!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hatchlhoff View Post
    Holy awesomeness batman! I never win anything!!!! I'm super pumped, I'm gonna put the stickers on the T shirt and wear it to work, don't even care what people may say
    Hahahaha!! Yes, please! You could also take the gems and bedazzle it.

    And pictures of your co-workers faces would be appreciated!
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    So how long we've to wait for next contest ?

    sorry for being greedy

    I wish next one will be find something in picture. Those are easier

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    aww man i should have thought of using the legendary walrus myself! that beret and stash should have rung a bell for the grenadier!
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    congrats everybody!! never expected I'd actually win lol

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