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    Very amazing pictures! Great job to all of the winners here and everyone else who had participated.

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    Congratulations to everyone, all of your works are amazing.

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    Yay I won. I never thought that I would win this Contest.

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    Congratulations to everyone!

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    Congrats to all the winners! Bring on the next contest
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    Th12 - le chat nu !!

    Quote Originally Posted by RedRage10 View Post
    fette is always right
    Quote Originally Posted by freakazoid1985 View Post
    fette knows best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinner07 View Post
    Haha so pleased baby dragon won.

    Gecko74-Baby Dragon:

    I bet gecko had that for ages too hahahah

    This was a fun competition.
    Let's play again.

    - dinner
    Woohoo I'm a winner. Made my day that has

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    Nice pics. And congratulations to the winners.. my fav one was the well!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashzaeen View Post
    Great pics guys but why didn't I find one real life clash pic
    Keep an eye out! You never know when we'll do this one again! If you see something just take a pic with your hand in it and hang onto it for the next time!

    ALL of the entries were fantastic and I applaud every single one of you who made the effort to enter. It was a fun contest and I smiled at every entry! We'll see you for the next next one!

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    Congrats to all the winners!! Great efforts by all to spend your own time outside of the game to enter! Top work all involved and obviously to the always smiling Raindragon for offering everyone the chance to win some supercell loots

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