Greetings forumites!

We have seen several requests since the update in May for a dedicated place for all Builder Hall Base discussion. Now that the dust has settled a bit we (the moderator team) feel that it's a good time to implement such a place. You will notice that this new forum does not have sub-forums of it's own. We have instead decided to allow several prefixes to be used for your threads that will help identify what the subject matter is.

Currently these prefixes are:

[Base] - For base design or base related threads. This could also be used for structure discussion as well such as "should I upgrade the guard post or the barracks first?"

[Troops] - For general troop discussion or balance threads.

[Guide] - For any type of threads intended as a guide for others.

[Strategy] - For all BhB strategy related threads. Primarily attack strategy threads will use this as the design strategy is covered by the base prefix.

[Idea] - For the threads that would be new ideas or suggestions for the builder hall base. This could be new buildings, new troops, challenges, etc.

[General] - For all threads that don't fit into the other prefixes.

We may add more prefixes in the future if necessary, but at this time we think those should cover the majority of threads.

If you have any questions about this new sub-forum please ask them below and we will answer them to the best of our ability.

So going forward please use the new BhB sub-forum instead of the any of the CoC Main Village ones. Additionally, any BhB threads created from here on out will be moved to the BhB sub-forum if they are created elsewhere.

-Moderator Team