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Thread: Did I Accidently Rush My Base?

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    I'd spend my loot on upgrading my troops. Probably start with archers, barbs, and giants. Once those are TH8-9 level upgrade your laboratory. Then upgrade those same troops again. Now you're ready to start working on other troops. Probably balloons and hounds. Baby dragons as well. Ignore your defenses if you want to, just focus on the troops.

    Once you get troops up to TH9-10 levels start working your defenses. Honestly walls can wait. Get your existing defenses to TH10 levels then build the new ones.

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    You can salvage it!

    Just upgrade your base to get miners. From there, you can raid and catch up. Don't build infernos or xbows and you'll be fine. I'm a th10 with near max everything without xbows and infernos. I'm just now catching up on heroes now that I can raid with mass miners that cost no de. I both raid and war using mass miner and they are OP! You don't even need a clan or reinforcements after you get miners but everyone will want u.

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    Not sure how to post a pic here yet, but you can search me. I'm Jareb The Great #2QYJCL9PO

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    Your base are ruined. I have a question too. How the heck you can cancel it for the first time and forgot to cancel for the second time. TH 10 upgrade took 12 days. In the between 12 days you forgot that youre upgrading TH? Okay next. This took a long journey. First dont upgrade your defences no matter what. Second, work on your troops level, its make me cringe af to see your level 3 balloon. Third, please upgrade your walls. I dont care if you want to do it or not, its your base not mine. Just giving some advices. Good Luck buddy. Happy Upgrading Happy Clashing.

    psst: builder are left atm, thats why you cant upgrade defences.

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