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Thread: Did I Accidently Rush My Base?

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    Did I Accidently Rush My Base?

    About two weeks ago I upgraded to TH9. Almost a week later I had 5.5 MIL gold with 1 builder and a 1 or 2 day wait for another one and decided to upgrade my TH and cancel it later for 2.5 million gold refund rather than lose like 3.5 MIL to raids. I was an idiot and forgot to cancel it and now I'm TH10 with a almost maxed th8 (walls aren't maxed) base plus Archer Queen and two xbows
    Clans have been denying my requests lately and I'm worried that they think I'm rushed. Am I badly rushed?

    EDIT: Okay, I want to get some things straight. First, thanks so much for all the tips. But I am a little confused. I have been focusing on upgrading defenses but all of you are telling me to upgrade troops. Can someone explain that? I also get that I shouldn't get infernos. Should I upgrade dark elixir troops or heroes? I upgraded minions once on accident instead of my bk (it was midnight and I wasnt paying attention).

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    You upgraded to 10 right after upgrading to 9? So you're basically a TH8 with a level 10 town hall? Yes, you are rushed.

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    Not the end of the world, but you are in for a slog,

    Upgrade archers, then Barbs... Youtube search for Barch attacks and become used to it because you're going to be doing it for a while.
    Get them to TH9 level, Then upgrade the Lab, Then get them to TH10 level.

    IMO you should be looking to get the CC upgraded ASAP (so you get extra cc troops) then army camps...

    Focus on your attack.

    Good Luck.

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    Nothing that cant be fixed but clearly you'll have hard time with th8 troops and defenses.
    For sure take all your defenses up to th9 level first and DONT drop your Inferno towers yet if you care about wars. Archer queen should be also in your priority list so take her to lvl 20 asap. Max your most used troops to help you in farming. Also a th10 with th8 walls looks very bad and good clans will never accept you. Try getting them to lvl 8 and then to lvl 9 if you wanna look decent. But first focus on your defenses ofcourse.
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    Work on troops and heroes like crazy. Good luck recovering with TH8 troops.

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    The other option, which might take just as long, is to start over. You already know how long it took you to get to TH8. You can probably get back there and maxed in a couple months. Then go to 9 again. Not saying this is the best option, but it might be more fun.

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    I'm not gonna start over lol. Bump

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    Pick BARCH or Goblins get it to L6 as fast as you can, L7 would be even better. Raid a lot in Gold or low crystal hitting dead bases.

    You probably aren't going to war with that base so get the infernos and upgrade them to L2 ASAP.

    Upgrade your BK to L5 any time DE > upgrade cost of BK.
    Then plant and AQ and upgrade her to L5 any time DE > upgrade cost of AQ

    That should keep you busy for a while.
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    U're going to need to farm a lot. You should also use your builder's suggestions to upgrade your buildings from the cheapest to the most expensive. Don't forget your walls also...

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    'maxed th8' is what bothers me while I see those walls and th7 troops.

    Anyways, what have been said here is all you need. Don't worry if you end up in silver leagues untill you recover from the rush.

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