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Thread: Summer Theme Derby... your thoughts?

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    I have to agree with you. I play to interact with my neighbors and to help. I have done a fishing task and I'm trying to do a basket. All of my Summer time machines are full and I have Earnest to help with the milk and sugar so I can make a gazillion vanilla ice cream cones and apple juice and tomato juice. We are barely moving. I thought a derby was supposed to be a race. I know some folks don't want to use diamonds and these tasks are well suited for that, and, if you do use diamonds to move things along it can cost you big time. It appears there is a design on this derby to slow the play down to a crawl. Just my two cents worth as I sit here growing strawberries and watching paint dry. 6 hours to go more or less and only 1 task finished.

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    I almost never take production tasks, and I've taken a tomato juice task. So I get to do TWO things, make tomatoes and make tomato juice... the watching paint dry reference is suitable. I like the sprinkling of instant gratification that mining and help tasks can bring and this derby seems to be missing that.
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    I agree with all the comments posted. The derby should be a fun, active team event but this one is a slow, boring crawl. My team is definitely not excited about the tasks this time around - in fact, we had nearly half the team opt out this week (very rare) when they saw the tasks would be strawberries (really?!), juice, ice cream & fishing. The only way to make decent progress in this derby is to stack products, which is not enjoyable to many. We definitely need a better task mix next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wussypuss View Post
    I guess it is good for stackers... I will consider stacking in order to get through this themed derby, however, I have little interest in stacking. I am going to need to buy 300 eggs or something as well to fill my barn!

    Hmm... buy everything in sight? Sounds like fun
    I don't usually stack, but when I saw the announcement, I started stacking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniGardener View Post
    I don't need expansion materials badly enough to completely gum up the works and feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs for an entire week.
    At this point our NH has 5 horseshoes silo/barn expansion bits in mine.
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    Wait, what? Was the themed derby optional (like, you could chose to do a normal one instead)? Or maybe only in champions league? Or maybe they added regular tasks for the lower level players? Because I, being low-level and stuff (but in a neighborhood for a few days now), have done a harvesting task (sugar cane) so far and am now working on a boat task.

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    I completely agree that this derby in a basic sense is boring. I am on my third 400 point basket task.

    • The first was strawberries, ice cream, and toffee. That took me to 11 pm on Tuesday to finish because I had to wait 8 hours to harvest 8 fields of strawberries (to speed up would have cost 80 diamonds not happening).

    • Second was apple juice, feta pies, and carrot cakes. I took this last night before I went to bed and got done with it a like 8 am which was okay for me cause I only had to wake up once to restock machines.

    • My current task is strawberries, goat milk, townies. Which is literally the three longest and most boring tasks available rolled up into one.

    But I am seeing the bright side because I never would have taken theses task if not for this derby (actually first time I ever took a basket task). I do like how I get to come out of my shell and do derby a different way. I like the challenge to get it all done. But I HATE the wait times. This derby is not as fun as picnic corn tasks and it gets about a 3/5 stars in my book. Although it is still beats regular derby by an inch.

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    Have to agree , our hood ,,, hates this Derby ,, it is sooo boring. And the DD is now full of strawberries.
    To have them mixed in with the basket task is a real pain, good job we are all high levels so we have a lot of crop land , I don't know how lower farm levels will ever get done.
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    I'm not loving this derby, but not totally hating it either. Our NH would have been finished with a regular derby late Tuesday night or early this morning, because we all stack for the typical tasks, and townies, and we will do boats and call those early, just to be done. Then the rest of the week we do whatever we want. Sell, help, or take a day away from the farm (cough, cough). But week after week it's the same thing, and that gets boring.

    With this derby, I've at least had to try to keep track of how many ice cream, juice etc that I have queued up, and think about how am I going to get to the blue hats on the bottom of the stack of fabric and white sweaters.

    So trying to stay fairly positive, I'm pretending that all the stuff I have hoarded now has expiration dates and it's time to clean out the old and re-stock the shelves at the end of the derby. This is going to be a race to the end.
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    I'm quite enjoying it, I thought the Derby needed a revamp.

    However, having just set up my own nhood I'm in the bottom league so just doing 5-6 of the higher value tasks and it's easy enough even with two farms (baby is in Derby too). Doing 9/10 might need a bit of prep but I'm looking forward to the challenge.
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