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Thread: Kavans Second Wind

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    Depends what you mean by spectacular? While you are waiting, how about: fun!

    This is Kavan & Second Wind Level 2 taking out every single building on a base with a couple of bits of GBE to help out. No Troops deployed. Maybe my final smoke placement at 20s from the end of the attack is borderline spectacular?

    To be fair, all the defences are just Level 1. But but since my opponents can't handle this base I might as well attack it myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rowman View Post
    Personally, I like that it is riflemen used in those default situations, no other troop can take advantage of "all available seats" situations.

    Since SW seats are always even numbers, you could also spawn zookas at any SW level, or fill up extra spaces with zookas when not reviving medics or warriors.

    At SW 3 (12 spots) you can evenly fit heavies, grens, warriors, and cryos. At SW 5, you can evenly fit heavies, cryos, and tanks.

    It would be really cool if SC let us pick which troops are spawned by default. Have it be a setting on Kavan's profile. That might make SW too powerful though.
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    I have it to level 3 currently. Getting to level 4 soon. I use it to take back weak resource bases without deploying troops. Me and this guy share 3 bases and have been going at it with kavan for 2 days now. I also use it with warriors, get kavan to the HQ use the ability and the rifleman act as a distraction for the defenses while also shooting the HQ.

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    I've posted these elsewhere, but I've taken down some pretty crappy base designs at level 57-64 with just Kavan & second wind.

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    You can do some npc with second wind. Or yesterday Dr T stage 5

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    I use the Second Wind once in a while. I think its good for distracting defenses similarly to critters, and then after a troop dies is when it starts doing its actual job. I mainly use it because it is fun to watch and just a fun concept in general.

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    Second Wind was my first hero ability to reach level 5 since Dr Kavan showed up I have been using him with SW almost exclusively with my TMEDs. It works VERY WELL wether to get back two tanks every time I use SW wetherto get back some rifflemen to use as meat shield for the tanks. They work great between the tanks and some boom cannons

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    A not that uncommon scenario in hooka attacks is your heavies give way to RLs (etc) and then your zooks are toast. In that case a steady stream of heavies trickling in to tank RL barrages after the main group dies seems like it'd be great.

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