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Thread: I need Hay Day Hood

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    I need Hay Day Hood

    Laid back,don't always do derby. No drama not easily offended ..

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    Senior Member CarterFarms's Avatar
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    Oct 2016
    English Speaking-Friendly-Donating-Drama Free-Derby Neighborhood. We are called Helpful Harvesters.

    My farm is called Carter Farms. I am also the leader! I am very active and very friendly. We all are! My silo is 3400 and barn 3550. There isn't much I dont ever have as I keep stocked up and always willing to help. We love doing the derby! We require 315+ tasks only and that you finish ALL tasks WITHOUT letting ANY expire IF you are opted in for the derby! I am VERY strict on this. A 10th task is not mandatory but HIGHLY encouraged and greatly appreciated! (Especially if it's going to put us ahead). We understand life happens and you may have to opt out at times! We can't wait to see you there! Join us TODAY!!!!!

    Will be made elder upon joining!
    Remember-Helpful Harvesters (Blue Shield - Yellow Helm)

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    Centennial Club Robs1926's Avatar
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    Jun 2017
    The NH Forza Napoli <3 is waiting for you! At the moment we already are 18 players from lvl 90 to 19.
    YOU can choose to play or not in the derby, but if you opt in you must do all your tasks and they must give at least 290 points. Take your time for doing the tasks, you can also finish them 2 minutes before the end of the derby! The most important thing is that if u opt in you have to follow this simple rule!!! So if u want to do 1 task of 120 points, please look for another hood to play derby!
    At the moment we are playing in the Expert Legue. Up to now we gained 9 trophies (2 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze).
    By the way we do not care what level you are, you can join us if you are level 18 or 200!

    You can join the hood if you are
    able to follow that easy derby rule

    The name of the hood is Forza Napoli <3 and its tag is #2R989988
    Have a nice day

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    Our Farm
    New neighborhood- looking for Active, adult, English speaking players. #9QRR88QG, purple Chicken, on blue background.


    -if you OPT in, please do all tasks and complete minimum requirements. We have some very competitive members who LOVE to Derby.
    ALL DERBY minimums are enforced. Please only opt in if you can meet requirements.

    -If you don't want to play the derby then you don't have to, ever. OPT OUT.

    We are what we call an ACTIVE Neighborhood. There will never be any pressure to play derby or to help only those who are playing in the derby. Everyone is a valued member and we help all.

    We Have many members who love working their towns.
    - If you do not want to play town, please go to your town and send away all townies so that your neighbors have town people to pick up.

    Our main focus is Be considerate:
    - REQUEST BOX- if you chooses to use this, please try to donate as much as you request. We know that many are trying to get their achievements for donating so please feel free to request. Crop requests work well for achievements. Ask for what you need but be fair and considerate with box!

    - YOUR SHOP- Charge what you want for items in your shop, we are all generous but also understand that new machines are expensive. Your shop, your decision.
    ** please don't raid your neighbor's shops. Take a few items and save the rest for others if they are on.
    also, Greatly appreciated if you share your shop with neighbors first!

    -HELPING NEIGHBORS -Help all if you can or as much as you want to. At OUR FARM, we have a helpful group and help all neighbors.
    When helping we don't expect you to give away the farm.
    there is the right mix of help as we are striving to have a Self sufficient AND Helpful group.
    There is a proper balance to help that keeps all happy in a hood.

    - EXPANSION ITEMS- please feel free to trade barn, silo and land items so we can all increase our storage and space. We love to trade and have a friendly group that is always happy to help neighbors increase their size.

    - PRIZES AND GAMES- yes!! Come check them out. Please note that games and prizes are for ALL players (derby in or out).

    **WELCOME gift to all who join in JULY.

    Hoping to create a Neighborhood with Active, Self Sufficient, Helpful members.

    ***IF you need a break from the game, please stay. Change your name to indicate break or vacation or whatever as we realize sometimes even very active players need a week or 2 off from time to time

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    Well I can read and you dont need to do derby's with us so come join our laid back hood. #9pugpvv9 hope to see you soon!

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    We are new and looking for players. We love the derby but no one is forced to play.
    We are friendly and expect everyone to be kind and no drama.
    You must be at level 40 to play.
    Tag # 9QJJG9QY
    Leader Jan's Farm

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    Senior Member Buttercupkidz247's Avatar
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    Oct 2016
    Join Golden Farmers. Tag: #PCJRLUR2. We have 9 spots left. Required level: 25. PM me if interested.

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    Mar 2017
    �� Miss Behaving Spank It !
    Competitive international hood looking for friendly helpful members --- We currently have levels up to 145. Non performers & beggars will be removed from the hood.

    Champ league, all 9 or 10 tasks at 300+, opt out is OK. No jacked up rules. No drama. By allowing tasks at 300 and up, we don't have the crushing, no task problem like those requiring 315+. We still get those extra prizes for 1-3rd placement, but without the mind numbing board stalking.

    24 strong, we are seeking only one more player. Come on over NOW Come see what relaxed competitive team work is all about. OPT OUT IS ALWAYS OK.

    We have an FB page, optional. We are happy to help with your truck or boats or your birdhouse requests.
    You MUST speak, at least hello, good bye, can I help anyone, sale in shop, etc.

    Non stop chat is not required nor desired, but friendly and helpful are expected. We don't have drama now, and we aren't about to start! Adults preferred.
    Hood TAG #8LPVC2RV. Hood Name - Miss Behaving Spank It. We do 310 up, no crazy drama, just friendly helpful farmers!

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    Junior Member
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    Sep 2016
    Kilgard Farmers Tag #9RPGVR2Y
    Blue Shield, Yellow Axe & Saw
    11 Farmers Levels of 32-67
    Speak English.♥♥ Required Level 30
    Time Zones: East & West Coast US & Canada

    Hi, we are a small, friendly hood. Our farmers are active daily, work hard & are very helpful. We run a no drama derby. Do your best or opt out required. We're in it for the shoes! Come give us a visit.

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    Jul 2017

    Peaceful Meadows #9qvl9cr0

    We are a small friendly hood with no drama or derby pressure. We chat and help each other out whenever we can. Come check us out if you are interested in a hood that you can just chill in with no pressure!

    We will be happy to have you 😊

    Peaceful Meadows #9qvl9cr0

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