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    Can mods make a thread saying which words are off limits?

    I feel like a lot of forumers mistakingly say words that aren't allowed, but we didn't know they aren't allowed. May mods please make a list of what controversial words are and aren't off limits? This would be a huge help.
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    Disclaimer: I speak only for myself.

    I don't really get what you are asking for? Swear words or simulated swearing is against forum rules.

    Beyond that, context of how a word is used on the forums matters. If I say I'm an idiot. Not going to be a problem. If I say you are an idiot, I deserve correction by the moderators.

    I have found in many years on many forums, if you are a friendly, upbeat person, you will never have a problem. If you are a grumpy Gus and expect someone to draw an exact line, you will run into issues.

    Make sense?

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    My rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't say it to your parents, spouse or children, then you shouldn't say it here. That's worked for me, so far. When in doubt, don't, basically.
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    Wow you two GASPs, you both pretty much nailed it, unfortunately, I cant give away rep in this subforum

    OP, you can also use Google, it sometimes helps to find out about the specific word.

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    Use the dictionary definition as a guideline...


    [uh-fen-siv or for 4, 5, aw-fen-, of-en-]

    adjective1.causing resentful displeasure; highlyirritating, angering, or annoying:offensive television commercials.

    2.unpleasant or disagreeable to the sense:an offensive odor.

    3.repugnant to the moral sense, good taste, orthe like; insulting:an offensive remark; an offensive joke.

    Theres not black and white rules for everything in life.. some things just take common sense.
    if in doubt, leave it out.

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    We are never going to provide such a list, for what I would have thought to be obvious reasons.

    It really is not possible to make such a list exhaustive, but no matter how much of a disclaimer we put in to that effect, people would treat it as such, then complain when they got an infraction for something missing from the list.

    But it is mainly a matter of common sense. It is all about whether what you say is likely to be offensive to a significant part of the forum population. Not to us moderators (we have to have thick skins to do the role at all), but to others. If we find a particular word or phrase getting reported as offensive on a regular basis, then we will probably disallow it's use.

    Any swear word is out, as is anything sexual, or bigoted/discriminatory. And in all cases, simulated, insinuated or abbreviated use of those words is treated the same as the actual full word. If you see a word in a post of yours replaced by hearts, then it is a good idea to edit it quickly, because if we see it, or it is reported, we will give infractions for that.

    Anything normally used to describe extremely serious situations which is way OTT for describing anything in such a trivial context as a mobile game is likely to offend many.
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    One of the nice things about the internet is that you have the ability to think before you write and even review what you write before you post it. You'd be hard pressed to find a word that bothers me, but even I'm able to pretty easily figure out what I should and shouldn't be saying. It shouldn't be your goal to get yourself as close to the line as possible, you should keep a fair distance back
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    This is why, you should consider before posting
    Double check the post first, this behaviour is very helpful to avoid those "yellow message ".

    Is it going to add anything into discussion ?
    Is it easy to understand the post ?
    Is it really needed reply ?
    Is it polite, or at least wont insult anyone ?

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    I agree with all of the above posts. I would add one final rule of thumb...If you find yourself so much as even wondering if something might be an offense your best protection is to simply not do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwelshjr View Post
    I agree with all of the above posts. I would add one final rule of thumb...If you find yourself so much as even wondering if something might be an offense your best protection is to simply not do it.

    When in doubt, leave it out.
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