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Thread: 6 PEKKAs vs Defending Clan Castle Archers --- Who would win?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flammmy View Post
    Yeah, but all units work that way. It seems to be getting better... used to be 20 clan castle archers and 20 opponent archers would take turns all firing at one member of the other's group. Seems to be improving, at least with infantry...
    Let's see when archers realise that they can shoot over walls and don't have to jump right in front of the enemy to be effective

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    Quote Originally Posted by conorbear1 View Post
    So it was mainly the wizard tower doing it? Eh, still pretty impressive by the CC troops.
    Yeah. Clan Castle guys also contributed heavily in both DPS and the delay-factor (see table I put on my original post on the first page, I ended up adding more information to it later) --- but it is harder to calculate how much the CC guys did with some not all firing at once, some dieing... etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by PololoP View Post
    Let's see when archers realise that they can shoot over walls and don't have to jump right in front of the enemy to be effective
    They actually do this too

    The thing is, their range of 4 seems a lot farther when attacking buildings because they only attack to the nearest edge. When they are attacking units, they are attacking to the nearest edge of a 1x1 unit, so they seem closer. If you look at replays (and others) you will see them starting behind the wall, then moving closer as they kill units.

    Check out some of my recent videos on my channel if you're not sure what I mean - My CC is in the center behind 2 sets of walls so lots of archer + wall clips. Link in signature.
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    Well the result is obvious after seeing your title name , but still I didn't expect that much of a fail.I wouldn't want to be the attacker.Lightning spell is a must now , since they reduced its time to a single hour

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    I could tell but you had probaly never heard of that place
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