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Thread: Th8 war base

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    Th8 war base

    This a th8 war base that I have used and is very good if another th8 or lower attacks you in war and sometimes th9s don't 3 star. I got this base from coc bases,you can find great bases there.
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    That's a horrible base.
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    I now have gone over $10,000 invested in this game.
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    Still less than what Charlie Sheen spends on hookers.

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    That's a horrible base.
    How is that a horrible base?

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    That was my favorite base to attack when I was TH8. Lure CC to the bottom, funnel, kill squad in. Hog counterclockwise starting at 4oc. Hard to not 3*.

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    Air sweeper is pointing the wrong way. Just lightning the top AD and 10 drags from the bottom will 3 star.
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