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Thread: real life night time/day time

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    Maybe it can be linked some app that gives the local weather to input your local weather effect.

    For day/ night/ dusk/ dawn it could be based on the time on your device.

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    This is a GREAT idea!

    My idea that would CoC would sync to the time of the device, also to the local weather, so it could also rain, etc. I give this idea 5 stars!

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    Dynamic day/night circle? YES.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aero View Post
    I feel as if this is a great idea maybe have it use location services and if it doesn't flatter your fancy then just turn it off. This idea could actually make the player feel some sort of personalization as you will. If you don't want it to do real time weather there would be a way to turn that off but keep the day and night time aspect alive. All aroind great idea, keep it up!
    I'm not sure if the weather-thingy would work properly but the dynamic time sure would.
    But what about attacking other players? Would the game use your time or the time of your opponent?
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    Was this ever nayed?

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    It's cool

    Its cool, but at night it will be hard to see, maybe if it could be controlled better & don't make it too dark, & if they add the moon which could give light to see, & make it that when you r playing at day, its day, when you r playing at dawn, its dawn, & when its night, its night, & when it's raining, it's raining, & when it's raining with thunder, it's raining with thunder

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    Dont just bump your dead thread back to life....
    And dont you have the game wouldnt you know???

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    Yes. I think it's a good idea, but should probably be toggle-able for those who wouldn't want it. Although In order for you to be able to see stuff during nighttime, you'll need some light. One source could be fireflies that help light up your base, and maybe troops + spells could glow. Or maybe the screen just gets tinted a lil during night. Idk.

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    adding to this. What if there was just a general Clash of clans time and every two hours, the game switches from night to day.

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    I can't believe I read the whole thing. x.x

    Anyway, no, night time graphics would not make it hard to see, unless intentionaly made that way. Many video games, new and old, have done fine with a night theme.

    Also, Timezone sync isn't that hard. Hardest part would be redoing the graphic sprites to also change color to a night time version of itself. ALL of the graphoc sprites. Granted, they wouldn't have to start from scratch, but would have to re-render all the models. Assuming they don't do some simple filtering effect, which may look cheap if they did.

    Same with weather. It just depends on how much detail they are willing to do. Getting the data for weather is very easy, and changing settings in game a snap. It is GETTING the settings MADE in the first place is what takes time and effort.

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    It will create a lot of problems. But i like the idea though 😊

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