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Thread: TH10 Looking for a new home

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    TH10 Looking for a new home

    Afternoon All.

    I am a TH10 Lvl151 and very active, Other than 1 Inferno (1 currently upgrading) and 2 Air Sweepers I have max defences. Most of my troops are TH10 max and majority of the usefull spells. Heros are BK Lvl35 AQ Lvl33. I have begun the lvl 11 wall grind as well.

    I can 3 star most th9's but have difficulty in 3 staring my opposite.

    If you think i could fit into your clan and could help me improve my TH10 attcking then drop me a mail and lets see how we get on. Im looking for either a UK based or english speaking and GMT time zone clan. Been in clans that im the only person online during the UK day and dont like it.

    My player tag is #LRJ90QGY Player name gingerkris, age 40.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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    Ask your wife
    Sent you a private message.

    Hell's Asylum
    Level 17 Adult War Clan
    Tag# Y0LRPY2G
    Leader: Lost Cowboy

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    You are looking for something like my clan
    We don't do any partiality
    We promote members on basis on how they play in wars their conduct and strategy
    Join us we are looking for a clanmates like you who is loyal and high level join us our clan tag is
    Our clan has a website too visit our page

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    United States

    The Wabbit Hole (#CG9GGL22) is a level 3 U.S War based clan that wars back to back. (If hero’s are upgrading then please opt out of war) We currently have Th3-Th11 in the clan. Like any other clan we Win some and we Lose some. No MATTER the outcome of war, We stick together and learn.

    Searching for Active, Fun like minded players that love to get down in war. New Players that just started playing the game should be open-minded and willing to learn. (not say we are the best. Just have experience with clash) If you fail at an attack at war, no worries we are here to help you get better at war.

    Engineered and Defense-less bases are Welcomed (No Rushed Bases Please)

    Rules And Requirement’s
    ▪ Adult 18+ Mature
    ▪ Speak and Understand English
    ▪ Be Active, Donate and Request (Th8+) No Ratios
    ▪ Donate what’s asked for (especially when its for war)
    ▪ We are a Fair Play Clan (No Mods or Hacks Allowed)
    ▪ We use Kik messenger as a extra communication outside of clash, but certainly not mandatory.
    ▪ We love BANTER! if you think you can handle us then come join the fun

    ▪ New Th8s (Bk lvl 5, Maxed troops from Th7)

    ▪ New Th9s (Bk lvl 9, Aq lvl 3, Maxed troops from Th8)
    ▪ Mid Th9s (Bk lvl 15, Aq lvl 15)
    ▪ Not Rushed (At least Bk lvl 20, Aq lvl 20)
    ▪ Near Maxed (Bk lvl 35, Aq lvl 35, Gw lvl 5)

    Comment Below to Join or Request in game (Stating Age, location, found on forums)

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    We are a level 11 UK based clan, Alba the Brave, looking to increase our active war numbers to get bigger wars more often, and more importantly to win!

    We have a laugh with each other and try to not take things too seriously.
    Be active, try to attack well in wars and socialise with the group, along with all the obligatory things that any clan requires.

    Please quote 'from Harry's forum post' in your request if you want to join. We hope to see you soon!


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    Aureus Galaxia
    Hiya mate. Checked you out in game and all looks good! Aureus Galaxia could be your new home. Our clan tag and a link to our recruitment thread which contains some information about us can be found in my signature below this post. Feel free to look us up in game and if interested simply request to join and mention my name. Cheers!
    Aureus Galaxia founder - November 2013
    Aureus Family Thread

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    Take a look at my clan post here:

    Looking for active members who are strong in war.

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    Wanna talk as to what difficulty you are having and what is your skill set at attacking 10s. Maybe can visit? Sent you a friend request. Not saying you join my clan right away without getting to know us, just wanna talk about how big the problem is and can we bear with it.


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    Hello there Ginger.
    I am from the clan Violent Wizards (cwl lite season 2 participant). We are looking For Active 3 star minded players to join our family for league matches,potlucks etc.We are also participating in MLCW Season4.We will Help u out with ur th10 too.
    Drop in our Discord Server if u are interested
    Hope to See u soon.
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    We can definately help you improve at your th10 attacks. Check out

    dromund kaas, lvl 11 clan. Clan tag #200CPV8L. Relaxed clan good at wars. Sister clan to Total Kaos lvl 12 clan, #PPVCC8CJ for faster paced intense wars.

    Put forums in your request to join, if you decide to

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