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Thread: Feature Request - GET /players/{playerTag}/buildings

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    i would love to hear some supercell employee clarify the reasoning behind not implementing this.

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    I agree wtih this idea ! Why can't we access to players buildings details ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by st0ckholm View Post
    i would love to hear some supercell employee clarify the reasoning behind not implementing this.
    I've not heard SC rule it out - as far as I know they were receptive to the idea (the forum mods have pushed this idea at SC a couple of times - it would help us with forum comps as well). It may well just be a question of priorities. SC do seem to have found their mojo regarding in-game developments over the last year: but that has meant quite a lot of new stuff in-game, and it might be work on the API just isn't reaching the top of the to-do list.
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    Or add this to the player info, similar to the way the troop, spell and hero levels are currently.

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    Needs to happen! There's no reason it can't be allowed in the API. Would allow for so many possibilities for devs!

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    Agreed. I think it will take quite a while though, that is simply how it has been throughout the years of playing Clash. There's barely any announcements too, at least that I'm aware of.

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    Really they've done war league support but not this? People have been wanting this for years, and given they already have an endpoint for troop levels this can't possibly be tough for them to implement. Pretty amazing.

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    definitely needed

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    yes, this would be very useful...

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    Necrobumping. Supercell pliss.

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