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Thread: Best statue in game

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    Best statue in game

    Can you name any. I am thinking to buy Hero Wicker statue. How you guys feel about that.
    Thank You☺

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    Good grief. If you have 90 diamonds to waste, that's a good one to do it on. I prefer the ones you can get through coins.

    Most folks I know started with the tractor because it seems to fit best on a farm. If you are lower than level 80 or so, I'd suggest saving that currency for game play. You asked for opinions and that is mine. You are of course entitled to do what you want. I tend to have more working items on my farm than decoration though. Some folks prefer the decorating more than others. However, keep in mind that we have seasonal decorations that are not visible now for purchase. You have to ask yourself, would you rather have that statue now or a Christmas tree/decoration later

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    Thanks to Red (again) for the picture !!

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    I agree with Tiggerr, those diamonds will come in handy for a lot more than statues down the road!

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    My advace to not take statue.May be to upgrade your machines,to buy more slot .

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    What statue is Wicker Hero ?

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