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    Stupid Derby Picnic. Game for fun but money for diamond is real. Our Neighbourhood losed 281 points on Champions League Leaderboard. Disappointed Frisco!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlazeYoutube View Post
    This Derby has been amazing but unfortunantly we lost the Top 3. 7 of us did 10 tasks and we mostly picked higher than 320. I got good prizes, 4 star boosters and LEMs and some planks. I also chose pickaxes but this was a fun Derby, the only thing it did is blew up corn dumping in the DD 
    You might have lost the top 3 but we lost our CL status.
    We are only a small hood of four but relatively low levels. My farm is the highest level, having just made it to 75, with the others in the 40s and 50s.
    Unfortunately, this meant that the Hot Dog option was a no-go for all of us (mine was being built during most of the derby) and only I could do the smoothies.
    The others had to settle for the corn, cotton shirts and town visitors and each one presented its own problems which perhaps players at higher levels wouldn't experience due to having bigger silos, expanded/upgraded town halls, etc
    The main issue was that, with the DD full of corn and nobody wanting to buy it, this wasn't as easy a task as it should have been as they soon ran out of silo space. This also meant that if you wanted to buy something that didn't have ears, you'd be hard pressed to find it.....and that lasted all week.

    So yes, I agree that this derby was a change to the norm and supposed to be a bit of fun but, believe me, it's no fun when you are getting stuffed by the other hoods and finish rock bottom.
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