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Thread: Tom's Prices

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    Tom's Prices

    Maybe you could lower the prices for Tom the errand boy. You would get a lot more customers using him. 15 diamonds for one day is way to much at least half the price. And he should be able to fetch expansion tools since he can fetch mining tools. Please.
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    Your idea has been ruled out. Perhaps you should read this:

    But more ideas are welcome!

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    I actually think the price to hire Tom is very fair.

    For example, compare the 'Daily Deals' you sometimes get in the paper for Mining Tools or Saws & Axes.

    Hiring Tom will always work out much cheaper than those Daily Deals.

    Not only that, Tom will always get 9 of the best offer now; and with the boosters that are in the game these days you can get more value for money out of Tom than ever before.
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    I don't have a problem with Tom's prices but it would be nice to see the discount offer extended to the price of one day too!

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