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    Birthday derby prizes same old same old

    Ok so I have three farms I play. On all three the prizes are exactly as normal except that for boosters I didn't get a single free farm helper card, which are the ones I like best. Only two of six are five stars on each farm, which is pretty normal. I also only won one decorative prize across all three. Am I just extraordinarily unlucky or am I not the only one?
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    That sounds exactly like my derby horseshoes. I don't remember what my booster options are, but I do remember that they are terrible this week (worse than usual). One deco, but it's one I already have -- I'll choose the four plank instead!

    I'm not sure what is so "birthday" about this derby, but okay. I certainly won't rush into future derbies based on a supposed "theme".

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    Same here, though I don't really mind the same old
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    I guess it is still random, like the pearl

    i have as overall offerings 2 decos, 2 puzzle PCs (one is pitted against 3 diamonds), the 2 columns of boosters and 2 permits, overkill to me
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    My horseshoes look the same as usual, with the exception of a derby deco in column 1, a saddle stand.

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    i think they are normal rewards too. i have decos in columns 2, a horse jump, and 3, a big horse shoe 'statue', (vs a puzzle piece in 3), 2 puzzle pieces, 2 permits, and all 4 star boosters.

    i actually wonder if derby is 'broken' given that they weren't able to implement the up to 400 pt tasks or the (i) info button, despite both being advertised. frisco said they had technical issues. for all we know they weren't able to implement the better prizes either!
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    Really disappointed too Usual horseshoe prizes and nothing extra for us solo Derby players! The disappointment was somewhat lifted with the discovery of a Sea Pearl from my mystery net. However, I did plough quite a few diamonds into this Derby and will have reservations of doing so again.

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    Mine was normal except that I've won the horseshoe pedestal which I'd completely given up on ever winning! So, yeah, I'm pleased with that.
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    A huge celebration would be to drop the reshuffle to 1 diamond for this Birthday Derby!

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    Mine are normal too...on the two farms that I played. I have two puzzle pieces on one farm, no permits on either and the rest just regular prizes. It happens.

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