Okay all. I have an idea about gemming a builder and a single one back option when finding a match.

1. Gemming a builder: This would be done as special event or be permanent. It could be a special event like when the one gem per building to speeding up gold and elixir collection. As for the gem cost it could be 10 to 20 gems per each builder for 12 hours or a single builder only for 24 hours. This option could be a specil event permanent. I'm not sure of what the output would be when the builder is gemmed but I would say anything is better than what they currently are right now as in it takes 10 days to build or upgrade certain buildings or upgrading your queen or King.

2. A "back" option when "finding a match": This function is self-explanatory. This option would take an additional hour off of your shield time if used while having a shield only. I know that some of us have fat fingers, small screens and while we're looking for a base to attack we get a little anxious and fat finger the "next" button when we've seen that perfect base. Well at the moment you can't go back as we know but how nice would that feature be.

Thanks all who took the time to read this and please share or add any comments or ideas to add to what's written.