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    What is Derby

    Hi I am new to the Derby level I have unlocked the Derby today so I don't know what is Derby what we have to do in derby

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMD56789 View Post
    Hi I am new to the Derby level I have unlocked the Derby today so I don't know what is Derby what we have to do in derby
    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    You might find this helpful:

    Have fun!

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    Thanks for replying me

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    Welcome to Derby race dear,
    You also can open your Derby board and read the tutorial.
    You need to discuss with your Neigbourhood leader & all members:
    *) is it ok if you sometimes Opted out for couple week (when you need to focusing in real life, like: there is family member being sick, having summer vacation, study examination week, entering new job & office, etc) and rejoining back after you're ready.

    *) since you are newbie to Derby, ask them to left some easy task for you & is it ok for them if you do the easy task for the first couple weeks as you learn how to complete the task. Then you can gradually take the more difficult task. Sometimes player with higher level is forget about being 25 level they excited to biggest point task only (300-320)

    Good luck

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    Hello fellow farmer I had this same problem when I first started derby. The previously posted forum will tell you the basics. If you create your own NH you can play however you want. Just remember that if you join a NH there will probably some rules there for how they complete the derby. You have to ask in the chat about what is expected of you. Derbies are 6 days long with a break day on Monday. You will be expect to complete a max 5-9 tasks (plus extra diamond task if you want) depending on what league you are in. All tasks will give you a dead line whether that be 6 hours or until the derby ends. But you're probably going to want to get the tasks done asap so you can move on. The derby can give hay day a purpose and a challenge and can be one of your favorite things about the game. I hope this helps and that you will have a great time as a derby player.

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    There are many hoods that advertise relaxed derby rules, one of those would be a nice way to start learning about derby, tasks and your real possibilities meeting tasks. Good luck
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