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    Lightbulb Taking items out of queue

    It would be nice if we could take items out of queue! If I have 4 pies going and I need to change from a pumpkin to a carrot, I should be able to take one or all of them out (except the one that is being worked on). And I shouldn't have to PAY diamonds to remove the items out of the queue!!!!

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    but not with diamonds tho... maybe with coins or just like the truck orders

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    Lightbulb Production line cancellation

    You may sometimes want to adjust products to be made in certain factories to meet the order, so I suggest a cancel feature.

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    Request to cancel

    I agree it would makeuxh easier when your boat come in to fill the needed boxes. It would also allow you to prepare what u need for your boat and/ or board orders when you need them or specifically when your boat leaves and it Says you next boats needs for example: eggs, cream, and indigo, howich you need so you can start preparing for your boat with the needed supplies!

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    Change your mind

    I think we should be able to void Any order made to our machines. E.g. I asked for 3 cheeses but my new boat is coming and i now need cream... I have to wait for 3 hours before i can even begin to produce cream...

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    Bump! I want this feature too

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    Yes, yes, yes

    Another great request that will be ignored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    Currently you can speed up the products which are "blocking" your production line.


    You could give us something to use the insane amount of green vouchers we all have. Instead of costing a diamond to speed things up, how about a green voucher?!?!
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    Awesome idea

    Quote Originally Posted by vipolak View Post
    Yeah, same here. I'd would be nice if we could get that option. We have the same in the road store, we can delete things for diamonds.

    Same system should be added in all buildings
    Needs a delete button

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    To bad they wont add anything to the game ppl actually want
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