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Thread: Builder Base Timing issues

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    Lightbulb Builder Base Timing issues

    The more I play Builder Base, the more frustrated I get. not really because it is worse than any other games, it's just not as good as I expect from Clash.

    When the bomber is killed the bomb thrown disappears rather than hitting the target.
    When clearing an obstacle, if you change base or go to attack the loot has been taken but the builder didn't finish.
    Ai control of troops does not seem to be consistent, can't put my finger on why, but they never do what I expect often costing an attack.
    Game crashes just loose attack, there should be a test to see nothing or just a couple of troops have been deployed and the battle is aborted.

    I am sure there have been more but they are the main/easy fixes.


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    There is nothing like easy fixes, all bugs takes time to repair. The bomb thrown issue is well known and shall be fixed with in sometime.

    Clash on chief!!
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