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Thread: The Ballad of Woozle and Worm

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    The Ballad of Woozle and Worm

    In a bountiful and bright, sunshiny land far, far away
    Where wheat grows in minutes & jam takes half a day

    Nosy red foxes ceased with their bush sneaking lurk
    Lobsters fled nets & escaped the pond's misty murk

    Sauger, sunfish, & golden trout swam up from the deeps
    Frog hordes halted, yes, verily, in their lofty mid-leaps

    Shifty eyed sheep sat stalled in their pitiful, shivering paces
    As hungry pigs stopped signing at their starving unfed faces

    Milk laden cows quieted down in their mournful mooing
    While horses quit prancing and crunchy carrot chewing

    Twitchy fainting goats revived afresh in their pens
    Egg production halted by millions of industrious hens

    Alfred shirked in his duty to deliver all post, gift and card
    Tom awoke and joined others loitering about in the yard

    They were all present: Ax child, Betty, Joan, Mike & Greg
    Asking for nothing, not sugar, not syrup, not even an egg

    Cakes, pies, and ice creams sat in roadside stands unsold
    While juicers, smelters, looms and mills were put on hold

    No boy fountains sprayed, bubbled, nor poured
    No delivery trucks flung dust, screeched or roared

    No boats at the dock whistled a single throaty alarm
    A very strange quiet had settled eerily upon the farm

    Farmers world wide paused from their busy Hay Daying
    To eavesdrop upon the words the two friends were saying

    "Woozle," said Worm with a countenance so grave,
    "Asylum I sought, and 'twas asylum freely you gave."

    "For my life, flee I did from wild clans that clash on the dark side.
    In your cozy compost heap is the warm home where I now abide,

    Safe from all ransoms, death threats, and every marauding mole,
    Secure in the knowledge I'll not die as a snack at the end of a pole.

    Far from these sunny fields & your bountiful crops never will I roam.
    Thank you, oh, thank you, dearest Woozle for giving me such a home.

    Away from you & your potatoes never will I stray
    So it pains me, this single thing I feel I must say.

    It is such a small, silly thing to which I have to confess,
    A thing which only luck or, maybe, Supercell can address.

    To the clasher world with such turmoil and strife, I'm certainly sure never to go back there,
    But my work in the compost pile would go so much faster, if I only had....a big, red tractor!"
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

    Sorry, cause I know it's the worst sort of doggerel, but I've gotten so much entertainment from Woozle and Worm's adventures these past few weeks that I couldn't resist the temptation with such wonderful sources of inspiration!
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    That is so funny - I really enjoyed reading it! Congrats.
    On top of TT3 this is a wonderful day
    I hope you post more verse

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    Love it, its so funny and witty!

    I am currently level 51.
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    This has warmed the heart of this chubby little bear! (smiling from ear to ear)

    Thank you LadyJEMS! (Worm, Woozle & COC gang)
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    What a wonderful start to my day. It really made me giggle. Thanks! As for the BRT, it will happen woozle, eventually.

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    Hahahaha....absolutely love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyJEM5 View Post
    Sorry, cause I know it's the worst sort of doggerel, but I've gotten so much entertainment from Woozle and Worm's adventures these past few weeks that I couldn't resist the temptation with such wonderful sources of inspiration!
    Please can you share the threads where one might read of these adventures? They must be awesome to have inspired such an epc!
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    LOL- this is so awesome LadyJEM! Thanks for sharing it, LOL

    Grumbul- this is the thread that started the journey of the Worm, a Clash of Clans poster accidently posted it on the Hay Day side- Woozle picked up on it and the fable began.....

    To see more of Woozle's posts about the Worn, just click on her name in her post in that thread- then click "View Forum Posts".

    Thanks again for sharing your Ballad!

    “Just because I'm on a different path doesn't mean I'm lost.”

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    This is brilliant! I really enjoyed reading it

    Thanks LadyJEM5!

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