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    Encouraging Safe Play

    We’re stepping up our commitment to Safe Play!

    The goal? Provide a secure gameplay environment for everyone.

    As part of this initiative we have revised our Safe and Fair Play Policy! We’d like all of our players to take the time to familiarize themselves with this extended Code of Conduct. Find out more!

    We’ve also teamed up with The Diana Award – a specialist in the Anti-Bullying field. Check out this video from our Safety Workshop with the YouTubers and Supercell’s Youth Board!

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    [QUOTE='Darian[Supercell];10477810']We’re stepping up our commitment to Safe Play!

    While I appreciate all this, given i have kids of my own who play this game, one of the things bothering me with all these updates and constant tweaking of the game (I was unable to find any other thread for this so I will say this here) one of my members said it well when he said: If you increase the damage and then increase the defense what's the point? In other words you increase a troops strength of attacking but increase the defenses ability to withstand it, what's the point? It's addictive in nature the constant building, upgrading, trying to be better than the next guy in a competitive game, but when levels are increased on a troop after farming ceaselessly to upgrade to a max level, it feels defeating. Understandably these maxed TH 11s for which the game now seems constantly geared towards need more things to strive for but when you work tirelessly towards a goal that gets further away it's very difficult NOT to feel you are striving towards a goal that is simply forever out of reach.
    Then there are the legalities in question -at least in my mind- of taking away something for which you have paid money, I speak of the 'clock' on the builder base, which I myself paid money for gems to upgrade to 14 minutes boost, only to have it 'downgraded' back to 7 mins. So now I have to PAY again to upgrade it back to the 14 minutes? This my friends I'm quite sure isn't legal. You can't charge someone for something (even virtual) in a game and then take it from them and force them to have to pay again. I remember a court case in recent years when a judge decided exactly that regarding another game. Nevertheless, I love Clash and have been a loyal player for years now but I can't say I will keep playing much longer with things like this occurring. I have disagreed with many things over the years but taking my money in a seemingly very underhanded and crooked way isn't something I or I'm sure many other people can abide by or tolerate.

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    This is good!

    Good job Darian!

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