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Thread: Keeping animals off the train tracks

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    Keeping animals off the train tracks

    Yes, I know they won't go over to the train tracks, but I still find it disturbing that there is nothing between my elephant (rats - I REALLY wanted the giraffe) and the train tracks, so I headed over to the store and bought a whole bunch of fencing, then realised, proportionally speaking, it was a joke. He wouldn't even notice it in his rambles.

    Yes, I know this should be in the Ideas forum, but could the developers please consider some animal sanctuary appropriate fencing for the peace of mind of those who don't enjoy the proximity of the animals to those deadly train tracks? Thank you.
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    I was also worried about this. I just ended up using my rope fence, and it's rustic to go with the zoo concept but still looks functional

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    My elephant went to sleep wih head on

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