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Thread: LVL 42 Looking for a NH

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    LVL 42 Looking for a NH

    Hi! I am a active player. I do derby, boat and truck orders!! Message me for more info!!

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    Jun 2017
    Helpful , Respectful , Active Hood

    - Are you looking for a hood that is not too serious , but not too laid back ?
    - Are you looking for a hood that is always respectful and helpful ?

    Please Consider Giraffe Lover !

    Giraffe Lover
    Type : Anyone can join
    Required Level : 25
    Preferred Language : English
    Derby Log : Shared
    Emblem : Yellow dog , blue background

    - No bad words
    - Always be respectful , helpful , polite , and friendly
    - We are in constant champions league
    - 315+ tasks only
    - If we are able to make top three , diamond use is required
    - If you are not able to derby , it is okay to opt out

    Please Come Join Us !

    There is still time to participate in next derby !

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    You are welcome to our neighborhood Derby Guys.

    We have started a new neighborhood as our last NH was not much was not much active and didn't compete hard for the trophy hard.
    Both of us complete 300+ tasks and daily players. Communicate well and help when required.

    GOLD in our first derby with only 2 players.

    TAG: #8QV8G9UU
    Derby Name: DERBY GUYS
    anyone can join
    Required level 20
    preferred language: English

    Please join us if you want to build a new derby from scratch and feel it your own.
    I'm sure we will hit the top in the lleast amount of time.
    First 5 will be promoted as soon as you join.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sunflowergrace View Post
    Hi! I am a active player. I do derby, boat and truck orders!! Message me for more info!!
    Hi! Would love to have you join. Our neighborhood is not derby crazy, though we do encourage people to participate if they can! Other wise it's super laid back and we mainly all just help each other level up (trading and selling etc)! #8rror989 Is our tag! Hope to see you there! Absolutely no rules or requirements to join besides level 18+

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    Come and join The Ginger Gang (#2UL9JQRR) Red Pig on yellow blaze

    Friendly easygoing neighbourhood. No stupid rules. We have levels from 19 to 83 and we are English speaking. We like to Derby but don't feel obliged to join in. We will help with your farm, boats etc. Come and say hello!

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    Hi! We're still looking for someone to join our forever farm!! Let me know if you have any questions!

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    New neighborhood . Looking for friendly, nice neighbors. Level 40 please to join.
    Love playing derby but stress free about it.
    Wild berry Farm

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    Hi Sunflowergrace , we are I'M JUST A BILL , a group of 8 who left our old hood due to derby slackers . We are ISO strong , consistent derby players who are helpful and chatty to strengthen our ranks . If you complete all 9 tasks ( 10 optional ) and contribute a MINIMUM of 2000+ pts per derby , you're just who we're looking for . 8QV2R90U , yellow truck w/ blue background.

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    Hi Grace
    Check our neighborhood recruitment thread
    Hope you will come and join us!!

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    The Wicked Witches (Tag 9PJQ88QG) is a friendly, helpful COMPETITIVE derby team. We are still rather new in terms of establishment of our neighborhood, but the members are not new to the game. We have built a great team and would like to add a few more players to complete our team. We are looking for a dedicated team player. We want derby players, who will do all tasks at 310 or above. 10th is optional, but it is great to have members who will take the tenth task if we are not in the lead. We are looking for team players, who play as a we and not a me player. We expect you to help out just as much as you ask for help. We always have someone to provide the items we need, whether its boat, town, or you just need it because you are low. Many of us are chatty players, so usually someone to talk to. We also have players who dont chat often. We do not allow children in our neighborhood, so it is required that you be an adult to join. If you are looking for a great team and are a team player, please send me a message!

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