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    Hay Day update! Sanctuary!

    STATUS: Hay Day is back online!! The update is currently rolling out worldwide, so please be patient if you can't update yet!

    Happy Birthday Hay Day! Just in time for our 5th anniversary comes one of the biggest, most aMOOzing updates we have ever created for you!

    Introducing: The Wildlife Sanctuary!
    • An entirely new area right next to your town.
    • Unlock 6 adorable animals: two elephants, two giraffes and two hippos!
    • Each new animal in your sanctuary unlocks two brand new decorations in the shop! You also get one of each decoration for free because you’re awesome.
    • Speaking of decorations, go wild! Customize your sanctuary any way you like.
    • To unlock the animals, use puzzle pieces gained through the Derby, the mystery boxes and selected boats that occasionally steer for your farm.
    • Feed the wildlife with a new item from the Feed Mill: the Herbivore feed. They will reward you for it!
    • Town visitors love the sanctuary. They’ll go see their favorite animals and leave gifts for you. The more animals you have, the better the gifts!

    Community Requested Features:
    • New special Derbies! Maybe one week you’ll get better rewards, or even a few higher-points tasks! Check out the Derby stand during the break for information on the next Derby.

    Coming soon:
    • Expect A LOT of FARMtastic things soon as we celebrate our 5th birthday together with you. Check your inbox regularly for news!

    From the entire Hay Day team, thank you for playing our game for all this time. We can’t wait to make Hay Day even better for you in the future!

    I know I'm EGGcited! How about you?!



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    Thanks 4 the update. I assume more animals will be added in the future

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    Um ... where did my yellow trees go??? Can I please have them back, or the vouchers I spent on them??

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    Wheat will become rare now !

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    Purple trees are now birthday cakes! Funky looking fence I have now.

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    I can't get in yet 😕

    Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue....

    Oh forget that....LET ME IN!!

    <rattles sanctuary gates>
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    Quote Originally Posted by MissBehaving View Post
    Purple trees are now birthday cakes! Funky looking fence I have now.

    Screenshot? Please share the fun!
    Edit: The note Alfred left with the 5 diamonds stated the diamonds were for the "global event", not the update.
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    My yellow trees that I bought are gone, and it's telling me the yellow trees are new.
    And it gave me cakes in place of all my purple trees.
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    We are looking into the tree issue now!

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    Not the best update done, but I guess it'll improve over time. The Derby related update: can't find any info in the Derby stand like stated? Is that because we won't have the new themes?? I hope not, wanna use the 400 Derby points!!
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