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    I love 2v2! Please keep it permanently

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    Why? Because it's a way of playing CR without caring about trophies?

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    I think there should also be 2v2 Only cards. For example cards that would be OP for 1v1 but not OP in 2v2.
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    please make 2v2 a permanent game mode. my clan has come to life since 2v2 week began, and i started playing again and upgrading cards to try new deck possibilities. now that it's gone, i'm putting my ipad back on the shelf and just doing my daily crowns.

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    Definitely keep it! Don't add ladder- it's nice to be able to play and not lose trophies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockingquix View Post
    I loved the 2vs2 but I hated the fact that there was no negative outcome for losing. I'm sorry but winning all the time without any negative consequences is very unbalanced and far to exploitable and I can see already been done by your post. So I hope they do add some trophies losses or something because so far I don't like not having any negative consequences for losing, sorry but I don't believe in rewarding failure, losing is a reward on its own, points out your flaws and forces you to become better. =:3
    I don't quite understand your thrust you say that failure shouldn't be rewarded, yet you also argue that failure inherently does reward, regardless...
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    please keep 2v2 as a permanent feature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarathsiv2007 View Post
    We need more 2v2 and keep it permanent with out any thropy and leader boards..
    we love 2v2!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironagedave View Post
    I don't quite understand your thrust you say that failure shouldn't not be rewarded, yet you also argue that failure inherently does reward, regardless...

    and yes, please keep the 2v2. it gives me a reason to play more than 4-5 games a day for the crown chest

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    Yes, 2v2 for chest farming & CC and 1v1 for competitive ladder, title & draft chest. I don't care for title.

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