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Thread: 2v2

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    Make it always on and earn tropies when winning it. Also earn gold from it by making it into a tournament type of thing.

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    Yeah lets get a 2v2 tournaments going

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    I say that they keep the 2v2 draft, it was so much fun with my clan. Plzzzz keep draft, and just straight up 2v2 in general

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    I was going to make a thread about this. I enjoyed very much the 2v2 gaming. I was a bit less interested by the game, but when the 2v2 was on, i was interested so much on the 2v2 gaming that i enjoyed the game again... please bring back the 2v2, and maybe as thegreendown said, let's make it earn trophies, but maybe another rating. I mean a rating for the 1vs1 and another for the 2v2. It would be very interesting.

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    Top gaming mode, interesting idea to make a separate ranking for 2v2 maybe with different prizes than chests?
    Would be useful to permanently see your battle mate's hand and what he is selecting without having to tap&hold on the icon.

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