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Thread: What's Your Trophy as A BH 4

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    I'm hovering around 1100 but could be higher if I upgraded my stuff
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    1200 Not Maxed Yet

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    Almost maxed.

    Hovering between 2100 and 2300.

    See BH5 4/5 attacks.

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    2400 on one, 2500 on the other. Both almost max BH4, but it helps that I have a killer base. I see nothing but BH5s, and I still easily win 3 daily attacks. Usually lose one or two as well.

    Rushed BH5's are no match for L8 arch or L8 bdrag, depending on the base. Rushing is overrated IMO, if you have a good base design. I'll be going to BH5 in a few days once my last research finishes up and I have max BH4 troops (all of them).

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    I am at 1400 which isn't that good and I am working on it.

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