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    Spot the Differences

    Rope, Fox, Gazebo, Barrel, Bush, Apple, Wheat, Field, Sheep and Well

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    Hope it's correct

    1- un champ est mis en horizontal
    2-un mûrier contient 10 mûres au lieu de 11
    3- un mouton à 2 oreilles
    4- un champ de blé est vide
    5- la barrique est blanche de dessus alors l'autre est jaune
    6- la gueule du renard apparaît une seule photo
    7- la corde pour tenir le bateau est cassée
    8- un belvédère a 2 barres de fixation au lieu de 1
    9-les toits des puits sont différent 4 planches au lieu de 5
    10- une branche du grand pommier au milieu est visible dans la photo 2

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    Under the tree that you decided to cut down to get one gem. You little thief.
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    here are the differences.

    here are the differences:
    1 missing rope
    2 missing wood in gazebo
    3 missing fox nose
    4 different color of barrel from inside
    5 missing blackberry
    6 crop field rotation different
    7 missing wheat under the apple tree
    8 missing sheep ear
    9 missing brick of the oven
    10 number of wood on well are different
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    Spot the Difference

    1. Blackberry missing
    2. Foxes nose missing
    3. Wheat missing between apple trees
    4. Sheep's ear missing
    5. Missing part of gazebo (post missing in doorway)
    6. Different pattern on top of well
    7. Different colour in top of barrel
    8. Rope attaching rowing boat missing
    9. Field part vertical instead of horizontal
    10. Tile / Brick missing in pie oven

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    10 differences

    Red bricks from the pay oven
    One of the field flips
    Columns of the gazebo
    Roof of the well
    Top of the barrels
    Ears of the sheep
    Rope of the small boat
    Blackberry behind carrot
    The face of the fox
    Missing wheat under Apple tree

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    10 differences

    1. rope holding fishing boat
    2. Ear on sheep
    3. contents of barrel at soup stand
    4. planting plot near pond
    5. back post on rail of gazebo
    6. wheat field behind apple trees
    7. roof of wishing well
    8. # of blackberries
    9. fox's nose
    10. # of carrots

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    Stop the difference answers

    please can you tell me what the difference is on top of the well, as I can't see anything different.

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    10 differences

    #1. Barrel yellow vs white
    #2. Fox nose appears in one but not the other.
    #3. Rope attaching the boat is missing in one.
    #4. Blackberry missing from the bush by the carrots.
    #5. A piece of crop is flipped
    #6. The slats on the well have 5 instead of 4 in one.
    #7. The corn shows through the trees in one but not the other
    #8. The branch on the apple tree is missing.
    #9. The ear on a sheep is missing in one.
    #10. The railing in the gazebo is missing in the back.

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    Well that isn't fair because in all reality there was wheat missing which is what I put. So there was technically 11 differences. I didn't put the chair or pie oven one but there was wheat missing in one picture and not the other.

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