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    Spot 10 differences

    1. Fox's nose
    2. Bin content color at the popcorn maker
    3. Sheep's ear
    4. Boat docking rope
    5. Plot direction
    6. Bricks on the pie oven
    7. Wheat patch between the apple trees
    8. Gazebo rail post
    9. Wishing well roof slats
    10. Number of blackberries on the bush in front of the carrots.

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    Spot the Difference answers

    Hi the differences I found are the foxes nose missing, the sheep's ear missing, different colour in the barrels in the soup kitchen, boat not tied, blackberry missing, branch on apple tree sticking out, pole missing in the gazebo, extra slat on the roof of the well, can't see wheat through the apple trees, empty crop patch wrong way round

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    Thumbs Up Hay Day Competition: Spot the Differences!

    1. 2nd empty planting square to the right of the carrots is turned in opposite directions on top and bottom pictures
    2. Bottom most blackberry plants, one has 11 and the other has 10 berries
    3. Between the 2nd and 3rd apple trees, the bottom photo has wheat growing while the top photo does not
    4. Barrel in top photo has yellow on top while the barrel in the bottom photo has a white top
    5. In the bottom picture you can see the fox's nose and you cannot see it in the top photo
    6. In the bottom pic the sheep to the right of the puffy sheep has 2 ears standing up and the top photo the sheep only has 1 ear standing up
    7. The rope is connected to the boat in the bottom picture and not in the top picture
    8. The gazebo in the top picture is missing a piece of the railing in the back, the bottom photo has all the railings
    9. on the middle apple tree on the bottom you can see a branch on the right side and you cannot see the branch in the top photo
    10. The wishing well roof on the bottom photo has less lines that the wishing well roof in the top photo.

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    pick me pick me :-)

    fox's snoot sticking out behind the tree
    colour of the barrel's content by the stove
    the boat's rope
    bottom blackberry bush has a berry missing
    sheep is missing an ear
    the stripes of the one plowed plot is running in a different direction

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    Hay Day Spot the Differences!

    1. The barrel near the soup kitchen is white and yellow.
    2. The first blackberry bush is missing a berry.
    3. One of the sheep doesn't have a ear.
    4. The middle apple tree is missing a branch.
    5. One of the wheat is missing.
    6. The roof of the well has 4 lines and the other 3 lines.
    7. There is a missing string on the boat.
    8. The orange fox hiding behind the tree is missing a head.
    9. One of the crop plots are turned the other way.
    10. There is a missing stand stick thing on the gazebo.

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    Color on top of barrel
    missing black berry
    missing post on gazebo rail
    missing rope to row boat
    one plot going in different direction
    plot missing wheat near apple tree
    fox nose/face missing
    Roof of well
    one sheep missing ear
    water in the pond

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    1. A blackberry is missing from the bush
    2. The fox's nose is missing beside the tree
    3. Barrel at soup station changes from yellow to white
    4. Sheep's ear is missing
    5. A garden plot changes orientation
    6. Gazebo is missing a post
    7. The number of boards on the well's roof changes
    8. Rope to fishing boat is missing a piece
    9. Wheat in between apple trees is missing/not ready to harvest
    10. Pie oven is missing a small brick

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    Cool The differences

    1. The foxes nose is missing in top picture.
    2. The rope holding boat is missing in top picture.
    3. The sheep with ears standing up is missing an ear in top picture.
    4. Hay is harvested behind Apple tree in top picture.
    5. In top picture dirt patch is vertical and in bottom picture it is horizontal.
    6. Blackberry bush on bottom left is missing a berry in top picture.
    7. Apple tree in middle is missing bottom branching top picture.
    8. Gazebo is missing a rail in the back in the top picture.
    9. Well has more shingles in top picture than bottom picture.
    10. Work station in left hand corner has yellow stuff in barrel in top picture and white stuff in bottom picture. (I think that might be the soup station...I don't have it yet.)

    Thank you!!

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    Hay Day Competition : Spot the Differences

    The answers are :
    1-the blackberry bush less one fruit
    2-the field is turn over
    3-one of the sheep less one ear
    4-the barrel ,one is in white colour and another one is in gold colour
    5-behind of the apple tree field is blank .

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    Spot the difference.

    diff number of blackberries

    not the same amount of wheat

    Gazebo missing a pillar

    Foxes nose is missing

    boat isn't tied up

    field has diff pattern of windrows

    shingles on the well

    Missing apple tree branch

    missing sheep ear

    product in barrel is diff color

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