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    10 Differences

    rope on boat missing
    wood panel on gazebo missing
    nose of fox missing
    color on top of barrel different
    blackberry missing
    field patch turned
    wheat missing under apple trees
    ear of sheep missing
    roof of well different
    shadow in small pond different

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    1. Fox nose missing.
    2. Color inside the barrel is different.
    3. Rope on fishing boat is missing.
    4. Crop field is turned in a different direction.
    5. Sheep ear is missing.
    6. Wheat is missing.
    7. One blackberry is missing.
    8. Gazebo is missing a wooden bar.
    9. The well is missing a panel on top.
    10. Bricks on oven different.

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    10 Differences

    Empty field is horizontal vs perpendicular to adjacent plots.
    nose is not visible on fox behind pine tree.
    well roof has 4 vs 3 metal grooves..
    Lowest blackberry bush has one less blackberry.
    Liquid in barrel is white vs yellow.
    Moored boat is missing it's rope.
    Gazebo is missing a post railing.
    Hay isn't planted in a field behind the apple trees.
    One ear is missing from sheep (the one with ears "up").
    Lighter colored brick is missing on brick oven.

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

    This was time consuming!

    1. The foxes nose is hidden in first picture. Visible in 2nd.

    2. Barrel next to popcorn pot is filled with yellow in first picture the other is white.

    3. The number of wheat planted. There's 2-3 more wheat difference on 2nd picture.

    4. The 2nd empty plot on the 2nd picture is facing different direction.

    5. On the 1st picture, the 2nd berry bush has 2 berries in the middle compared to 3 berries on the 2nd picture.

    6. There's no rope for the boat on the 1st picture.

    7. In the 1st picture, the gazebo has 1 legs and in the 2nd picture has 2 legs.

    8. In the 1st picture, the 4th sheep has only 1 ear visible whereas in the 2nd picture, he has both ears.

    9. The well in the 1st picture has more narrow shingles on the roof compared to 2nd picture.

    10. Stone path
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    Difference answers

    1. Wheat missing
    2. Blackberrys missing on bush
    3. Foxes nose missing
    4. Boats rope missing
    5. Sheep missing a ear
    6. Different color in soup barrel
    7. Gazebo missing a railing bar
    8. Plot of land is turned
    9. Well has extra board on roof
    10. Extra branch on Apple tree

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    Spot the difference

    1. Fox's nose
    2. Sheep only has one ear
    3. Missing rope to boat
    4. Wheat plant under apple trees
    5. Different colour water in barrels next to cooker
    6. Only ten blackberries on bush on top picture
    7. Spindle missing on band stand
    8. Slates on well roof
    9. Farm land laying different way
    10. Brick missing on oven near sheep

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    1.Blackberry is missing
    2.Sheep ear is missing
    3.Fox nose is missing
    4.Wheat between apple trees are missing
    5.Boat rope is missing
    6.Field is turned between small pond and blackberry bush.
    7.Barrel by cook is different colour
    8.Well is missing wood on top
    9.Chapel is missing wood bar
    10.stone path
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    10 differences

    1. Blackberry missing
    2. Barrel contents
    3. Foxes nose
    4. Sheeps ear
    5. Apple tree branch
    6. Ground turned
    7. Wheat missing
    8. Boat rope missing
    9. Post on gazebo is missing
    10. Board on well roof missing

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    pastureland different directions, far ear on sheep, more wheat in bottom picture, color of the over , different amount of blackberries, different product in the barrel by stove, rope on boat not tied in the top picture, fox face showing in lower picture, color is darker in one picture.

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    1-One black berry missing in the bush
    2-One field piece turned vertically
    3-Rope on the boat not attached
    4-One sheep's ear is missing
    5- face of the fox missing
    6- soup barrel is not yellow
    7- gazebo one wood piece missing
    8 -wells roof one tile missing
    9 - under the apple tree missing
    10-Soren path
    Have a lovely hay day

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