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    Spot The Differences!!!

    1.) Missing Blackberry on Blackberry bush
    2.) Plot turned
    3.) Wheat missing under the tree
    4.) Different color in barrel
    5.) string missing on the fishing boat
    6.) Fox nose missing behind the tree
    7.) Sheep ear missing
    8.) Tin missing on well
    9.) Plank missing on the back side of the gazeboo
    10.) Branch missing on the 2nd tree

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    find 10 differences

    1-boat rope is attached
    2-boat rope unattached
    3-sheep has 2 ears up
    3- sheep has 1 ear up
    4-fox nose visible
    5-fox nose not visible
    6- wheat missing one patch
    7- wheat extra patch
    8- barrel of water grey
    9- barrel of water yellow

    This was all i could find.

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    Find differences

    Boat rope, fox nose, barrel, wheat in garden, well roof, blackberry, garden turned, gazebo bar. These are the only differences I found. Nice competition.

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    I found ten

    The rope attached to the boat
    The substance in the barrel is a different color
    The nose of the fox is missing
    The tree branch is missing from the tree in the middle
    The planting spot is facing a different way
    There's a purple berry missing from the bush
    The sheeps ear is missing
    There's some hay missing
    A piece of the gazebo is missing
    There's extra on the top part of the well

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    Hay Day Competition : Spot the Differences

    I wanna enter the competition . Thank you.

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    missing ear on the sheep behind the one with lots of wool,
    missing blackberry in the middel of the bush next to the carrots,

    liqouied in the barrol changes colour,
    the nose on the fox is missing,
    harvested wheat behind the apple tree,
    missing rope tied to the boat,
    one of the harvested fields is turned the other way,
    the white "house" are missing a pole in the middel back,
    missing a stripe on the roof of the well,
    the apple tree in the middel are missing a branch

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    10 differences competition for 200 diamonds!!!

    1. The inside of the barrel is yellow on one farm and white on the other

    2. The foxes nose shows on the other side of the bush on one farm and not at all on the other

    3. One of the sheep has two ears on one farm and only one on the other

    4. There is wheat behind the apple trees in the field on one farm and is missing on the other.

    5. There are 5 roof panels on the well on one farm and only 4 roof panels on the other.

    6. There is one more blackberry in the bushes on one farm than the other

    7. one of the patches of crop ground is facing in a different direction on one farm than the other.

    8. The boat rope has a gap in it on one of the farms and no gap in the other.

    9. The rail support in the back of the gazebo is missing on one of the farms, but not on the other.

    10. This was the hardest one because the image is so small and hard to tell, but it looks like the chair beside the pie oven is different on one farm in that it is missing a part of the back of the chair on the top in one farm and is not on the other.

    Hope that is all of them!!!

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    -wheatfield behind appletree (empty-grown)
    -the one sheep with the ears (One up-two up)
    - the boat first has no line and then there is one
    - the fox suddenly has a nose
    -soupkitchen barrel turns from yellow to white
    - a missing blackberry is back
    - the middle plantfield lays in a different direction
    - the pavillon has a missing woodstick
    -the fountainroof is parted from 3 in 4 pieces
    - the stones are different

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    1. Barrel (items in it different color)
    2. Fox"s face missing
    3. Red berries (9vs10)
    4. Field is different direction
    5. Missing hay behind the apple tree
    6. Gazebo
    7.rope from boat is shortened
    8. Water well, shield on top
    9. Sheep's ear missing
    10. Black berry tree missing one berry

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    Spot the difference.

    I give up...found 7

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