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Thread: Spring trap buff.

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    Spring trap buff.

    Yes,i know that you know what i mean.Add one extra slot to max level spring trap or another level.Because,let's be honest,level 5 springtrap can "launch away":19 barbarians,19 archers,8 wallbreakers,3 giants,3 hogs,0 pekkas,0 golems,0 miners,0 dragons/baloon/baby dragon/healer,4 wizards,2 valkiries,1 witch,3 bowlers
    Level 2 springtrap:Same stats for the level 5,except for:2 bowlers(not 3),16 barbarians,16 archers and 8 wallbreakers.
    So,i think that upgrading the spring trap is just a waste of coins(and a lot of them).Just +1 slot and maxing out springtraps would have some sense :P

    (Sorry for my bad english ❤)

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    I think spring traps are fine the way they are. Proper placement of spring traps would be a better solution on defense.

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