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Thread: #keep global chat clean

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    #keep global chat clean

    I will apologize in advance if there is already a thread on this topic that I did not find when I searched the thread up, but I feel as if global is starting to die. There are way too many violations to the terms of service in the global chat. In order to rid global chat of these offensive players, I want to make a proposal. If you see any player who is posting "any information that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, libelous, or racially, sexually, religiously, or otherwise objectionable or offensive," take a screenshot of the violation and use the in-game support to report that player. I understand that this may seem to be rather extreme, and may be considered baby-ish and disapproving. I just would like to make global what it used to be. In the past, when I was a young noob, players would ACTUALLY give me advice in global. Now, when you're a noob, all you do is get looked down on and teased. Bring the old global back and contribute. I am sorry if you oppose this idea, but it was a simple suggestion.
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    Honestly? I agree with you , to an extent , I personally have always reported players "stepping over the line" , but the problem is that people firstly abuse the report button , and use it incorrectly , If a player types a swear word , don't just instantly report him , I say we as a community should only report players who swear excessively and make rude comments , and please, adding "no Indians" in a clan advertisement post is not being rude or disrespectful to Indians .

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    I only talk about flat earth in global.

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    I've noticed Champs and up give good advice, but since they get swarmed, they mostly avoid it. People below gold are immature from my experience
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    I tired to strike a conversation about the update the day it was released. Everyone on the global simply asked me to join their clan, or asked to invite them to my clan.

    There was nothing against the terms of service, there was nothing to report. But I simply had to switch to clan chat.

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    Sorry, but I don't like posts like this. To me it seems like starting a cause to look important. Adding a hashtag is, well, pointless.... it's the Supercell forum after all.

    I don't have these extreme experiences that people quote without having to provide any evidence when I visit global. I don't think I'm alone in that. Although on these forums I do see stomach turning nonsense such as 'sweet lady noushy' and people declaring their undying love to her.

    You want to say global is bad? Perhaps have a look at the forums first. Although as that's your pedestal of complaint, I don't think you can.
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    well i go to global many times and get in conversation with players who seem to talk on a good topic, i give suggestions to newbies when they ask and i am able to chat nicely for 10-15 mins before we run out of topic and i change global or switch to clan chat.

    i think for offensive behavior and childish talk its mostly the so called intellectuals attitude that matters, you say others immature but still want to argue with them, theres a mute button just press it and you will be fine, one hand cannot clap alone you know. i always mute children looking for gf and toxic players and i have never ran into any problem on global, infact dont be surprised if i tell you i have even recruited some of the best players in my clan from there, with whom i still talk on platforms outside clash when our clan is closed.
    hope this helps you and others who have tough time on global, sometimes solution is simple but we tend to make it complicated

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    I agree but going to global is dangerous if was banned from the globalfor one day for using the offensive word 'hi' on global literally I just said hi and a few people reported me for no reason I don't think hi is a offensive word but will try to help you with your campaign #keep global chat clean by reporting the players their good luck
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    I used global only once in past 1 year.I will vote to remove global or make chat setting in which you can talk only with same level of trophy players it will filter a lot of spam

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    I strongly agree. Global chat become toxic day by day. Clashers looking for significant others. Clashers boasting their town hall levels, war stars, achievements and etc. I rarely see clashers use the global chat for a serious discussion or advice.

    #keep global chat clean and appropriate!

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