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    Oh!!,An elephant that does my housework?with its own duster & hoover? Excellent SC. Xxxxxx
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    I want update now, aww..wierd, no sneak peek#3 in game yet. I guess Chick Norris is too busy traveling in Croatia (Heaven on Earth is my country)😛

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    I'm not too sure what this sanctuary is going to add to the game play...

    With I guess 2 updates to come - doesn't that mean we will just have 4 types of animals ?

    I too was hoping for something else in the farm - especially in the fishing area or off the beach - and something to build or expand with our TEMS - but I'll wait and see how it pans out - bit on the fence and underwhelmed right now
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    I recently posted the suggestion for the zoo about 3 weeks ago. What do I get for my suggestion??

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandmaDebra View Post
    I recently posted the suggestion for the zoo about 3 weeks ago. What do I get for my suggestion??
    a zoo was suggested many times over the years

    SC was working on it months ago, long before the 3 weeks
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    In german Forum we bet, which animals come next. I put 5 diamond rings that next will be T-Rex. We could name the park "Juray Day" and get those cute little birds with the coloured neck and Diplodocus watching all along the river...

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    So it is going to be similar to Disney's Animal Kingdom, a large zoo with areas looking like the animals are in the wild? hm, I hope we will get enough space to open up so it does not end up so cramped as the town proper is right now with all the buildings :/
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    Do we know (i can't seem to find it)

    1. if these animals will need to be fed.
    2. Will they give us something like the pets do?

    And... am i understanding corrrectly-
    We have to unlock the areas... using maps? Deeds? Mallets? Etc and THEN collect mysterious puzzle pieces (like permits?) To actually get the animals.

    😁 i know i will find out soon enough... but any knowledge is appreciated!

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    ...but my wings have been so denied.
    Yay. I love elephants so much. They are intelligent animals.
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    You're awesome, Hay Day! Very excited about the upcoming Wildlife Sanctuary. Looking forward to the awesome animals etc you have planned for this new Town area. Thanks for your hard work with keeping us farmers entertained. 😄👍🏻

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