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Thread: [PLEASE READ] Post a proper idea on this subforum

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    [PLEASE READ] Post a proper idea on this subforum

    Many posts on this subforum have great potential, but because the OP never elaborates on his post, so his idea is dismissed. So how should you post to get at least a reasonable critique? I'll try and show you how to make a better post.

    Bad post: I Think we should have it where you can place archers on the top of your town hall 7, 8, 9, and 10 acting as an archer tower.

    While this may be a good idea, there is not enough info given on his idea. Elaborating is key if you want the idea to get noticed.

    Good post:
    Quote Originally Posted by Jiffy View Post
    Witch Oaks, as the name implies, are giant oak trees with witches on them. However, unlike what the name implies, it is NOT a tower that spams skeletons at it's base. Witch Oaks are actually similar to poison towers - they launch skeleton minions at enemies, which cling to the unit and smash at it until one of them dies. They will try to attack un-poisoned units.

    Infected units will be slowed and continuously damaged for a while, until the skeleton appears to explode like a normal unit. If the unit dies, the skeleton will disappear with it. Damage stacks.

    Witch Oaks are 2X2, and costs 10000 dark elixir, available at the same level as the BK. They shoot 1 shot per second.

    Level 1:
    Costs : 10000 DE
    HP : 100
    Damage/Shot : 30
    Poison DPS : 5
    Poison Duration : 10
    Total Damage : 80

    For the rest, go to the original post here:
    Notice how he not only says what he wants, but he also gives an in-depth look at what stats the tower could have. Of course his costs are a bit high, but that's ok! No matter what idea you have, always share a detailed post about it. The last key thing to know is simple. Read the sticky! The forum is cluttered with ideas that have been ruled out, the most common being resource exchange. If you see an idea in the sticky that is not ruled out, and you have an idea on how it could work, post it! Hearing a unique way of doing something is always a nice thing! I hope this helps out you newbies a little bit.

    ~farglschmitz out

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    Adding a little politics in clan management

    A number by each co-leader and leader name apears which shows the popularity of them.
    Players ability to vote on leader and co-leaders; - 5,-3,-2,-1,0,+1,+2,+3,+5
    Which 5 is the point that leader can add or deduct from co-leaders.
    3 is the point that co-leaders can add or deduct from leader or other co-leaders.
    2&1 is the point that elders&members can add or deduct from leader or co-leaders.
    0 is the fixed point in case of the player does not vote.
    It shoud not be known that which player gave what point to whome.
    After leaving a player,his/her vote should not change until 1 or 2 new player join the clan.
    If the point given to a co-leader is higher than leader, so this co-leader can not be kicked out by leader! This will reduce the stupid or dictator leaders which can not manage a clan properly. Co-leaders and leader should make name for him/her self to be the most effective and powerfull in clan.
    In fact this is a game of thrones in clash of clanes.

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