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Thread: Looking for a few good neighbors! Are you looking for your new forever home?

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    Come join our drama free hood

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    Hi! I'm a Canadian level 180 and 56 in Town. Looking for a hood that is serious about derby but are not crazy people. Am Leader in a hood where I can't opt out of derby and need to do this in spring when a new grandchild is arriving. I'm helpful, kind hearted but self sufficient. Looking for a hood that catches all 3 bunnies and 400 animals in the Valley. Does your hood do this? I do 10/19 320 and 400s. I'm retired so I play during the day so I'm used to being the only one in playing and most often finish by Thursday. Looking for a forever home where I'm not used for my big barn. Am not greedy or a begger and am looking for friendly play where people chat. Are you looking for new players and I could put in a request to join on Monday? You guys aren't an invite only are you? Warm regards, Proud 2 B Canadian ❤🇨🇦❤

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    Three of us are retired. We play 320x10; 10th only mandatory if we are placing and we always do. We have 1 Canadian also. Please join us for a week. No hard feelings if you donít want to stay. Dog and Butterfly Tag number #Y9YU9C8R. We have 26 Gold, 9 silver, and 7 bronze. We need derby players. We are all adults. Have a great day 😁

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