View Poll Results: What items would you NEVER sell in the Roadside Shop?

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  • Bolts, Planks, Duct Tape (BEMs)

    21 33.87%
  • Nails, Screws, Wood Panels (SEMs)

    17 27.42%
  • Saws and Axes (SAs)

    17 27.42%
  • Dynamite, TNT Barrels, Shovels, Pickaxes (METs)

    26 41.94%
  • Land Deeds, Mallets, Marker Stakes (LEMs)

    17 27.42%
  • Paint Buckets, Hammers, Maps, Tar Buckets, etc (TEMs)

    10 16.13%
  • Animal Feed (AF)

    1 1.61%
  • Coal Bars, Silver Bars, Iron Bars, Gold Bars, Platinum Bars (BARs)

    11 17.74%
  • Diary and Sugar Mill products (D&SMPs)

    17 27.42%
  • Other (O)

    11 17.74%
  • I sell everything! (WOW)

    10 16.13%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I'd trade all of my tomorrows....
    My list:

    pillows (I am really attached to pillows)
    mining equipment
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    I would sell anything if I have a lot of it.

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    Mining tools is probably my rarest sell. As someone mentioned earlier, you can always just use them and hope for diamonds, then sell off the ore.

    If I have excess chopping tools, unless I need immediate room in my barn, I'll plant a bunch of trees and/or bushes and use them as a cash crop, then chop them down when they're finished. More money vs. selling the tools themselves. But it does take time and space.

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    in my head...
    I have sold everything but I usually hoard axes, saws, mining tools, jewelry, jam, and dairy/sugar products, also soy sauce. The rest goes in cycles. If i'm upgrading/expanding i stop selling tools. If I have way too many of one thing I give it to my baby farm. I keep all base products and sell the rest for coin (although I don't need it). I also don't sell my plants just cause.

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    I never sell diamond rings or blankets
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    I never sell planks. And I haven't sold a rustic bouquet yet.

    But everything else, I've sold in my RSS.
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    Things I never sold away (whatever the level) are mining tools

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