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    اللعبه تسيئآ لدين الاسلامي

    السلام عليكم يجب ع القئمين ع اللعبه مراعات شعور جميع الاديان وعدم اسائه لاي دين

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    He is saying that this game does things which are against Islam & it shouldn't

    انا اسمي صالح.العبها منذ عدة سنين ولم اجد فيها ما يسيء الى الدين الاسلامي. ان كنت تجد فيها ما يسيء فارسله لي برسالة خاصة وساشرح لك

    I said: my name is Saleh. The game doesn't target Islam. I've been playing for several years & never found anything like that. If he wants to discuss it I told him to send me a private message

    Thanks for ClashOfHolmes for his great work!

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    I'll genuinely miss you guys. Stay Frosty.
    English only please.

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