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Thread: TRADE-Expansion-Mining-Items-Saws-Axes here (part 13)

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    Mar 2013
    thousands of TEMS to trade
    full price
    no hammers or tar unless the offer is very very good
    kik me with your best offer cityguy718

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    Jan 2017
    I have tapes. Need nails and panels. Ratio 1:3.
    Need white sugar. Ratio 1:8
    Need brown sugar. Ratio 1:10
    Need cream. Ratio 1:6

    KIK: maikk999

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    Feb 2017

    Need foods

    I have barn tools
    i need cow cheese 1:5
    butter 1:5
    creams 1:8
    fish 1:6
    lobster 1:3
    feather 1:3
    Honey 1:4
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    Kik: sanjshaib
    Default value trade only
    Higher level buy first
    Level 79 💜💜💜
    A leader of a very helpful champion league hood

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    Looking for planks

    Having food and LEM
    (mine: your)

    200 cheese ( 5:1)
    240 fishes (6:1)

    196 stakes + 173 mallets + 140 deeds (3:1)

    10 Planks min per trade

    kik: joehayday

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    Trade Closed
    Last edited by Karen5810; 1 Week Ago at 07:42 PM.

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    lems for sems 1:1 kik me cityguy718

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    Quote Originally Posted by VnD View Post
    Still needing them saws I have tons of SEMS that I would like to trade as well for Saws. Offering 1:2 ratio me:you. Lmtd time offer to clear out my SEMS. Also have BEMS will trade too but prefer to get rid of sems first (have 60ish screws, 60ish nails and 20ish panels). Or if you can do some sems and bems we can do that too. Kik me at 'MrVnd'

    EDIT: I also need tons of GOLD! Will trade BEMS or whatever for it looking for really good offers though, from millionaires lol. Im a lower level and really need gold right now
    Still looking for SAWS (offering sems/bems) AND NEED GOLD Please get in touch if your very rich and want to trade your large amount of gold for my BEMS SEMS LEMS. Kik is MrVnd
    Last edited by VnD; 1 Week Ago at 04:54 AM.

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    Any bems (yourchoice) trade for your food:

    10:30 frutti di mare pizza, honey apple cake, pillow, honey popcorn, lobster soup
    10:35 feta salad, lemon cake, jelly bean, pumpkin soup.
    10:40 mayonnaise, lemon curd.

    Default price.
    kik: raindrops2017.
    Last edited by raindrops2017; 1 Week Ago at 04:17 AM.

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    20 screws for 20 panels - traded
    200 axes for 40 bems

    Kik dosingoo
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    Hello farmers.. trading for planks
    I have
    50 white sugar (5:1)
    30 cow cheese (5:1)
    Or give me an offer
    Kik : N3D0.NEDO

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