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Thread: Crimson Alliance | Seeking Competitive ready players!

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    Crimson Alliance | Seeking Competitive ready players!

    Crimson Fog, the founding clan of the Crimson Alliance, is a level 14 war clan. Our wars are on Fridays, Sundays, and Tuesdays around 7-8PM EST We are an international clan, though most of our members are US based. We all have the common goal of winning clan wars and are very active. we compete in competitive leagues with experience in LWCW we will be starting trial wars with MLCW very soon. Looking to compete and have fun? Check out Crimson Fog! Looking for a different kind of environment? We likely have a clan that is a good fit for you!

    Our clans always hit top tiers in clan games, though we still expect everyone to pull their own weight. No games sponges!

    The Crimson Alliance is composed of 8 clans total as of right now. To check them all out hop into our Discord Server.

    Endless Revenge (#LG8LYU8Q) is the feeder/training clan for the Crimson Alliance. if you are looking to build up your base and improve your strategy before moving up to one of the main clans, this is the place for you! Accepting all town hall levels, use "Forums" in your join request

    In Crimson Fog we are looking for members who are town hall 9 and up and who aren't rushed. You should be knowledgeable of 3 star attack strategies and looking for a competitive clan.

    The entire alliance will accept players of all townhall levels, acceptance varies by clan. most clans are TH7+, but there are a few options for those below that level.

    Hope to hear from you all soon!

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