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Thread: Copying Clan-Member/Friend/Stranger Bases [NORMAL/BUILDER BASE IDEA] -PLEASE READ---

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    Copy Friend/Stranger Base Option

    Hi guys ---

    We all hate making new bases, maybe you would agree! Whether its having an open tab on YouTube, pausing the video, screenshotting, going between tabs, or simply copying your own friend's bases, the task is a tedious torture.

    I propose a plan to ease this torture: have a simple, easy interface to copy bases that both our clan members and friends have (granted, your Town Hall has to be the same level). Here's how it would work for friends:



    1. The prospect base would have to "Visit" his clan member/friend.
    2. He would see a "Copy Base"/"Copy and Activate Base"/"Copy to War Base Loadout"/"Copy and Activate to War Base"
    2. ANY of the "Copy Base" buttons would be GREY if system reads that there is no available base slots in the copier's inventory.
    3. If there are available save bases, the "Copy Base" buttons would be green and would allow the copier to put his clan-member/friends base in the empty save base slot.
    4. If he wants to activate the base automatically, there would be ANOTHER option saying "COPY AND ACTIVATE BASE"
    5. If there are missing buildings that the copier does or DOES NOT have, the "Copy" will just leave it blank with a "Heads Up Notification."


    1. Make options when visiting a clan-member's war base to "Copy" and "Copy and Activate," with same schematics as listed above.
    2. Of course, to ensure privacy of the clan, make sure members who join AFTER A CLAN WAR SEARCH IS FINISHED cannot copy bases until AFTER the "Fight Day" ENDS.

    Heres's HOW it works for STRANGERS!


    OF COURSE, WHAT BETTER way to COPY BASES THAN to search them on YouTube!! Therefore..

    1. Allow players to make, edit and have a server-generated "Copy Base Code" which links to the Clash of Clans Server.
    2. If the player decides to change the server- generated code, the server will check to see if the code is already in use (e.g., "X23LOGANMIGHTDIE" is ALREADY taken, please make another code)
    3. If the code passes, make it available for players to copy and paste on their device's clipboards
    4. Allow players to paste the Base Codes on tabs OUTSIDE of the game (e.g., Jeff's Base Code: "X23LOGANMIGHTDIE")
    5. Allow players to copy bases of Global Chats and Attack/Defense logs BUT WITH PRIVACY EXCEPTION
    a. Send a "Request to Copy/Copy and Activate/Copy to War/Copy and Activate War Base" to stranger player
    b. The recipient of the request is given 10 days to reply until the request expires.
    c. The recipient is given permission to Accept or Deny the request at his/her discretion.
    d. There can be no more than 1 request per day (or such as seen viable) to avoid SPAM and protect PRIVACY of player.

    By implementing this, we would be able to eliminate the tedious torture of copying bases, making Clash of Clans a better game, starting from the BASE . Hope this helped!!

    ~TheBullfrog (TH8 LVL 91)

    (p.s., If you haven't watched the movie Logan, I did not give spoilers :P)
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    Dude!! Great idea!! I was copying my friends base the other day and it was sickening! Your idea is dope bruh: well thought of and logically sound. I bet supercell can fill in the rest, with copying strangers traps and all, leaving them empty, ya kno'?

    Otherwise, I am SOOO HOPING they do this. Especially with the youtube base code. I DIG IT

    Snoop Doggo
    "Smoke DE everyday" .westside.
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    Great thanks, lets bump this up a notch yo!

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