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Thread: [BOAT UPDATE] Is it still worth putting engineered bases in wars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrags View Post
    Yep, I just started a war search and the listing was more mixed up than my mother in law....and that's saying something...樂
    It's a bug, confirmed by Twister.

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    Hmmm, according to the new update's achievement "engineering" is upgrading the BH. Seriously, how out of touch is SC with their player base or are they just moving on from their current player base to go after new players?

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    As far as i Can tell nothing has changed i startet cw in two clans with both has engeneired bases like .5 and singlecannon....and mm is Same as always

    My guess why ppl think that they changed the MM is that sometimes a unusual matchup normal But when they get it After an update they think something has changed even if Not.....its just the feeling that some ppl have
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    Our first war, with 9.11 on top (vs other side's full 11 on top), is going fine.

    Other side has one 11 then a bunch of 9s though so it would be unusual for them to get a normal match.

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    Our first war post update :-

    1 Warden v 5 Wardens in a 15 v 15.

    Sounds horrific on the surface, but they have restricted offence to go with those Wardens. I think it will be competitive.
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    Doesn't seem like there were any changes to war MM.
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    Engineering is alive and well.

    Our top 2: A TH9.5 with 30/30 and a TH8.55 with 10/11

    Their top 2: TH8 and TH8
    TH11 with 65 marble walls and 45/45/20 royals

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