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Thread: Variable requirements for special land plots

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    Variable requirements for special land plots

    I just submitted 10 deeds and 26 LEMs for the special land plot with the market umbrella table. My items disappeared, but the land plot did not open and the plot now says that I need 36 of each LEM to open the plot.

    This variation in the number of LEMs required has been occurring regularly. Sometimes the plot says 26, sometimes 36. I tried the 26 hoping that the plot would open. At worst, I thought I would get a message saying I didn't have enough items. I never dreamed that everything, including the deeds, would disappear.

    I'm submitting a report to support.

    EDIT: Got a response, and I had opened a different plot and didn't realize it. Duh.
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    Bah! That's actually pretty funny. I've done MANY similar things....

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