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    Quote Originally Posted by krtk2000 View Post
    Looks great and fun! Will be looking forward to this.

    Can I post a picture of Nickatnyte dressed up as Wizard.
    Is he wizard-like?

    Quote Originally Posted by Micheallo View Post
    I remember this from last time, if I clap at a tree will I be confirmed a prize?
    Quote Originally Posted by Bmille3 View Post
    I still don't understand how that guy won.
    Hahaha! God, I love that one! I would have voted for it twice if I could have!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vs100 View Post
    I may try this time to win, Pet!
    Bring it, Vs!

    Quote Originally Posted by Saleh47 View Post
    I know the perfect place for this! Yep, I'm joining this time!
    Yay Saleh! I'm intrigued!

    Quote Originally Posted by TheKhalid View Post
    Wait i can Join. I know there is some Log and Witch around me, but im not guarantee your safety when you see my picture. Ghost isnt good to see...
    Haha...sounds ominous! But I'm glad you can participate.

    Okay to bed for me. I'll respond to any new questions in the morning. So glad you seem to be excited about it!

    The Dragon is a mighty flying unit that can attack both ground and air targets.

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    Oh ya great Tournament again 🙌

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    I know a girl who looks exactly like a cryoneer. Getting a picture on the other hand. Ehh. Might as well snap a picture and start running.
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    Do I have to post my 3 entries together in one reply?

    Do you ship the prizes to India ?

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    If i see something, i will get it

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    This is great! keep these contests coming, thank you!

    Entry (1)

    Three stacked up Hidden Teslas!

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    How to participate and where should i post the pictures???

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    Veery nice concept, but I will be searching for such things whole month,
    maybe I can add photo of my own that matches with golem!!
    Just kiddin'
    But I won't actually find anything like that around me!!
    that's for sure!
    Maybe I will go to my school's science lab and take a photo of lary!!
    There is a witch in our class!
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    Enjoy doing what you do!

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    I'm already looking out window and around kitchen lol. Think I'm gonna have to take dog a walk later. Good luck everyone :-)

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    Is there a link to the old contest? Just to see what people came up with?

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