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Thread: That moment when you lost because...

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    When you try to pull hog to king tower but they support it with cards that cost you the tower and the king is triggered by tower loss and hog bashed off 1/4 of king towers health because of the tornado... *switches back to the log*

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    When they pop down that first electro-wizard and you know the best you can hope for is a draw while they flash a smug emote at you.

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    conquering the mice
    when the opponent mirrors his minion horde
    on my lavaloon
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    When I totally miss with the fireball. Yah princess, I missed you. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killerkurto View Post
    The worst is that bug(?) or design flaw where its changing the card slot you just used... you try to use one card but it selects the one it is swapping in and the wrong card is played.
    this literally happens to me more times than it should i would just love to hit a surrender button if their was one.

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    When you lose because your opponents' spell cycle game is more on point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychomaniac72 View Post
    When that 'flying trash' locks on to the tower with full health and you have nothing to do but..
    Read every post, this one I laughed the most at

    I can relate

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    when you put ur xbow one tile too far back...
    Quote Originally Posted by vOMARv View Post

    If you can't see the problem, you're probably a hog user.

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    when you forget to change back from your doubles deck.

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