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Thread: That moment when you lost because...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaveThePandas View Post
    When you use the wrong deck which is a (troll deck) and end up losing...
    reminds me of when i use a troll friendly battle deck and accidentally press the battle button.

    then i try to cancel...but check my sig lol

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    In a special place in Jarnia (Narnia, but with jars) that was made to help save the forums.
    Their giant pushes my giant skeleton back near my tower so it can't kill the 3 musks it has behind it
    Quote Originally Posted by Stn View Post
    Your parents must be brother and sister because your are dumb

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    Quote Originally Posted by xandrew29 View Post
    Ha, if my opponent gets an inferno drag to my tower, they deserve whatever damage they can get out of it.
    After 3 weeks of playing inferno drag, its only locked on 5 times. And half the time it got zapped
    Level 12

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